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Custom Packaging & Crating for Shipping

Crating and packaging of items is the most critical and important process in the transportation of any items. We custom manufacture the corrugated boxes and wood crates and prep the item being shipped to compensate for the risk factor involved in the movement of the freight, whether it be by truck, rail, air, or ocean. This is especially important on ocean shipments, where the containers on the ship are constantly moving around due to wave action. Special foam padding, bracing, etc. is needed to ensure damage free delivery.

Items that are heavy, monetarily or emotionally valuable, or fragile in nature are best shipped in a custom built wood crate. We have several styles of wood crates, including crates for Trade Shows, which will be used for your shipment by determining the best "fit" crate using criteria described above. The crates are very durable and reusable and can be custom made with anti-shock pallets that absorb the shock of the crates being moved around by fork lifts or the removal of the container from the ship on an ocean shipment. Many clients use our crates to ship their paintings or trade show materials with the need to reuse the crates for the return journey. We have Craters & Freighters locations across the country that can be of great service in providing the safe and professional return of your shipment.

Custom Crating

Craters & Freighters’ crates and packaging are designed to meet your item's needs. We consider many factors when designing our crates & packaging including weight, dimensions, value, fragility and final destination requirements. Our team of experts then goes to work on building a crate that best suits the item.

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Heavy Equipment Crating & Shipping

You can count on us, America’s trusted resource for equipment and machinery packaging, crating and shipping. Our in-house engineer team custom designs packaging and crating based on the item’s needs or your specifications.

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Arts & Antiques Crating

For over two decades museums, auctions, galleries, artists and collectors have relied on us to safely move their delicate and valuable pieces across the country and around the world.

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Trade show crates and a special case where finding a crating service that will provide the best service to package your display materials to ensure trade show success. Our crates are designed for high technology equipment exhibits and displays. We can compartmentalize the crate and engineer them with twist-locks on any or all sides of the crate for easy opening and removal of your items or equipment. No more having to unscrew the crate walls to remove your items. Twist-locks are very affordable. We also can provide wheels for the trade-show crates along with many types of padding on the inside walls to ensure safe travel.

Palletizing and shrink-wrap along metal or nylon banding is a safe and very economically mode of packaging and shipping. These are used primarily for sturdy items, typically with a metal structure, and not having protruding structures that can be broken or damaged during the transportation of the pallet. Pallets are used primarily for heavy industrial equipment and for stacking boxes for easy handling by the transport company.

For those difficult items, such as art whose media may be bee's wax or giltwood girandole mirror frames or other types of frames on mirror that must be attached to the inside of the crate without the edges touching any surface, we have extensive experience in they type of crating that these must require. This would also include slabs of marble, granite, solar panels, stained glass windows, and other difficult to crate items. We design the crate to protect you precious items from any damage as they are being transported to their delivery location.

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