Industrial Crating & Shipping of Equipment & Machinery

Custom Solutions for Machinery

Complete Turnkey Solutions

Craters & Freighters of San Francisco offers complete turnkey solutions to move equipments and machinery. Full scale project management of all tasks from start to finish. We help you to relocate your plant or machinery or some equipment nationwide or worldwide. We are in business for 20 years we understand the urgency of business continuity.

Our customers include large commercial organizations, manufacturing plants, and hospitals. We will evaluate your needs and provide a fairly accurate estimate.

  • Project Management of all tasks from start to finish.
  • On-site dismantling of some equipment (no electrical), removal of machinery, and prepare for pick up.
  • Pick up with due care and attention.
  • Custom Packaging of the necessary equipment.
  • Transport the equipments - Domestic or International.
  • Mode of Transport - Air, Ground, Ocean.
  • Insurance for full value.
  • Delivery of the equipment and machinery.

Equipment Packaging

Any equipment or machinery needs special handling and packaging. With our vast experience in custom packaging large, fragile, valuable items, we have the right tools, techniques, materials, and guidelines to pack and ship any equipment and machinery. Our goal and expertise lies in ensuring that your equipments arrive in the same condition as when it left your door. We know how to pack, and ship to meet your goals. Our professionals consider a variety of factors while packaging -your equipment specifications, structure of your equipment, insurance requirements, shipping and destination requirements.

We build heavy duty custom crates with appropriate cushioning to provide the maximum protection in transit. Our solutions include heavy duty skids, saddles and cradles. Our expertise is in customizing the packaging needs to suit every type of equipment. It calls for knowledge, experience, innovative approach, engineering, and dedication to ensure that everything is done right all the time. We have processes in place to verify and certify completion of the required tasks in our warehouse. Our in-house Engineering Design team at our corporate office uses CAD for difficult to design crates.

International Equipment Shipping

International equipment shipping is challenging because of the need to comply with the packing and shipping regulations of different countries worldwide. We adhere to ISPM-15 regulations and build heat-treated crates with ISPM-15 stamps. We always evaluate options to ship your equipments either on "Less-than-container (LCL) load" or "Full-container-load (FCL)" to save you money. We are your experts to help your equipment move from a place to another safely, smoothly, at the least cost.

Our service can be Door-to-door, dock-to-dock, or port-to-port. We can take care of the Customs Clearance, so you only have to pay any Customs related taxes/duties. No having to hire a Custom's broker and our Clearance costs are minimal.

Categories of equipment and machinery that we "Pack & Ship"

Sports Equipment - Treadmills, Elliptical machines, Bikes, Gymnasium equipment ranging from bench press, leg press to weights and dumb bells.

Medical Equipment - Dental chairs, UV Machines, X-Ray Machines, Equipments at the Cardiology, Endoscopy departments or the laboratory, etc.

Office Equipment - Copiers, Safe vaults, Printers, Computers, servers, server racks, routers, switches, office communication systems, etc.

Industrial Equipment - Heat exchangers, Reactors, Dis-integrators, Tablet press, Kettles, Grinding systems, High intensity Mixers, Vacuum shelf dryers, etc.

Laboratory Equipment - Microscopes, Analyzers for blood, urine, Centrifuges, reactors, various Diagnostic equipments, incubators, vibration isolation tables.

Food Processing Equipment - Commercial Juicers, Mixers, Candy wrappers, Tempering machines, Cam loaders, Melters, molding equipment, Cartoners, Roasters, Sealers, etc.

Restaurant Equipment - Freezers and refrigerators, commercial grinders, ovens, dish cleaning machines, etc.

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