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For over two decades museums, auctions, galleries, artists and collectors have relied on us to safely move their delicate and valuable pieces across the country and around the world.

Fine Art / Fragile Shipping


Top galleries, art dealers, and artists trust Craters & Freighters San Francisco with their fragile one-of-a-kind artwork. All our crates and corrugated containers are custom built and cushioned for the artwork being shipping.

Services Tailored to your Item’s Specific Needs


Craters & Freighters San Francisco has mastered the art of packaging, crating and shipping paintings!

Arts & Antiques Shipping Solutions

Fine Arts, Galleries & Museums

Craters & Freighters of San Francisco specializes in packing, crating, and shipping of your fine art pieces to any location in the US, or around the world. We are the trusted partners to pack and ship fine art pieces for a variety of Art Galleries, Art Dealers, Artists, Museums, Art collectors who are Professionals in this business. For 20 years, we have been working with them to meet their challenges in handling fine art pieces. Art packaging and shipping is a unique and highly skilled professional service.

Fine Art Packaging & Handling

Handling and packaging fine art piece is an art by itself. Different factors such as the structural integrity of the interior, unique vulnerability, fragility, dimensions, cubic volume of the art, weight, etc. are considered to decide how to handle protect, and pack. Our fine art packing specialists will use high quality, and industry approved materials to construct customized boxes and custom-built crates to ensure protection for your fine art. Our fine art crates are designed from the ground up and built to address the specific needs of the artwork. They may need ISPM-15 stamp to comply with the import/export regulations mandated by other countries.

Packing and shipping paintings and fine art pieces require knowledge, innovative approach, experience, commitment and process to ensure that things are done right, and verified. Whether the painting is framed or it has glass, or is an oil painting, we have the right answers and practical solutions to handle and package them for shipping. We will pick up, pack, and transport your artwork to and from museums, art and antique galleries, auction houses, gallery shows, conventions, private residences, offices, or warehouses.

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